How to apply

To make sure that your application is even going to considered by us, we set out a few important points that should keep in mind, when preparing your application. This is a short guideline to assist you with the submitting of your application for a position at Destionations Travel.



We only accept written applications, sent to us via email. Your application should be well structured and should consist of at least the following:

  •  An introductory letter, indicating why you believe that you are the right choice for Destinations Travel
  •  an up-to-date CV with a current picture of yourself
  •  Please do not send us copies of your degrees or qualifications or any reference letters. We will ask you to supply these if necessary.


Introductory letter:

We will not even look at you CV if you do not include an introductory letter. With this letter we would like to hear from you, why you believe you are best suited to work at Destinations Travel and what position you are applying for. The introductory letter should also include a brief indication of where you see yourself in the next few years.



Your CV is the central part of your application. Please make sure that it includes all relevant details of your qualifications and experience. We want to get to know you. Make sure that you indicate any positions held, all previous employers and any degrees and qualifications that you earned. Include your hobbies and things that you like to do in your free time.

Please also make sure that your CV includes all your contact details, where we can reach you during normal office hours.


Please send us you application only via email either in English or in German to the following:

Destinations Travel (Pty) Ltd.

Attn.: Bernd Schneider

Email: info @


Only succesful applicants will be contated for a personal interview!