Airbus A340-600

a340 600
This is the largest and most modern aircraft in the fleet of South African Airways. It is mainly used on the interncontinental routes between Africa and Europe and Africa and America. All seats feature a modern personal touch screen with on demand audio/video entertainment.


Lenght:                      75.3 m

Wing span:                 63.5 m

Height:                      17.3 m

Maximum passengers: 317


Seat map:

a340 600_seatpmapLegend:

business seat Business Class seat



economy seat Economy Class seat



not for_children_disabled May not be occupied by children, infirm, elderly, mothers with infants or non-English speaking passengers


toilet Toilet



toilet with_diaper_board Toilet with diaper board



galley Galley



stowage Stowage



crew rest Crew rest



crew seats Crew seats



purser workstation Purser workstations



stretcher cases Stretcher cases



seat pitch Seat pitch



curtain Curtain



baby bassinet Baby basinet (mut be pre-booked)