Business Cover

This cover is especially suited for the needs of business travellers. The cover is available for trips, which are longer than six days and the cover is made out exactly to the duration of the trip. The benefits are amongst the highest, that are on offer.

As this cover is designed specifically for business travel, no children are included in the cover and there is also no family option. The insured persons must be between the ages of 16 years and up to and including 69 years.




Details of insured event:

Business Cover

1   Medical & related expenses
1A Medical expenses N$ 35,000,000
     Excess - Insured journeys less Than 6 months N$ 350
Excess - Insured Journeys 6 Months and longer N$ 1,500
     Medical expenses terrorism extension N$ 35,000,000

     Pre-existing medical extension (hospital admission

     longer than 46 hours

N$ 250,000

1B Medical evacuation, repatriation or transport to medical centre expenses

Actual expense
1C Optical expenses     - bodily injury Included
                                  - illness N$ 20,000
1D Dental expenses      - bodily injury Included
                                  - illness N$ 20,000
1E Hospital confinement benefit (N$ 500 per day) N$ 15,000
1F Follow up treatment in Namibia  - insured event N$ 15,000
                                                   - Malaria N$ 15,000
2   Personal Accident
2A 24 hour N$ 500,000
2B Public conveyance cover     - air only N$ 1,000,000
     Personal accident terrorism extension N$ 500,000
2C Education fund supplement N$ 5,000
3   Travel Guard
3B Visit by a family member N$ 25,000
3C Return of children Nil
3D Return of travel companion Nil
3E Alternative employee or resumption of assignment expenses N$ 25,000
3F Legal assístance abroad N$ 15,000
3G Motoring bail bond (advance only) N$ 15,000
3H Return of mortal remains or burial expenses Actual expense
3I Coffin expenses N$ 10,000
4   Cancellation or Curtailment
4A Cancellation N$ 20,000
4B Curtailment N$ 20,000
     Excess N$ 500
5   Baggage, Money, Credit Cards & Travellers Cheques and Baggage Delay
5A Theft or damage of baggage N$ 20,000
     Baggage single item limit - theft or damage N$ 5,000
     Accidental loss of baggage N$ 5,000
     Baggage single item limit - accidental loss N$ 1,250
     Excess N$ 500
     Theft of money and credit cards & travellers cheques N$ 5,000
     Single item limit - theft of money and credit cards & travellers cheques N$ 1,250
     Excess N$ 500
5B Baggage delay (delayed for more than 6 hours) N$ 1,000
6   Travel Delay & Missed Connection
6A Travel delay (delayed for more than 4 hours) N$ 1,000
6B Missed connection (more than 6 hours) N$ 20,000
7   Personal Liability N$ 3,000,000
     Excess N$ 1,000
8   Hijack, Kidnap, Wrongful Detention
8A Hijack - after 12 hours N$ 20,000
8B Kidnap and wrongful detention N$ 500,000
9   Natural Disaster Nil
     Excess Nil
10 Identity Theft N$ 4,000
11 Cattery & Kennels (N$ 125 per day up to 30 days) N$ 3,750
12 Ticket Upgrade N$ 4,000
     Excess 6 hours
13 Student Cover - Reimbursement of study fees Nil
14 Motor Hijack
14A Personal accident N$ 5,000
14B Post traumatic stress N$ 2,500
      Accumulation Limit N$ 35,000,000




Business Cover Premium
Daily rate for 1 to 31 days (minimum 6 days) N$ 40
32-62 days N$ 1,800
63-92 days N$ 2,790
93-185 days N$ 3,981
Annual / Frequent Flyer N$ 6,591






Please note:

  • The above mentioned insurance cover limits and costs are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Please also refer to the Policy Wording, which explains the insurance terms and conditions more in details. You will find the Policy Wording in the download section.