The small island of Mauritius is located in the Indian Ocean only four hours flight from Johannesburg and is without doubt a tropical paradise. The people on the island are friendly, always with a smile on their face, the hotels and beach resorts offer near perfect service quality, there are spectacular white sandy beaches, warm water and tropical temperatures nearly through-out the year. Mauritius is the ideal holiday destinations, if you only want to relax and spend time in the sun and at the beach.




Mauritius is primarily a sun, sand and sea holiday destination. The biggest attraction therefore is the white sandy beaches, the tropical warm temperatures and the calm blue ocean. An enjoyable holiday often is dependant of the right choice of hotel and beach resort and in what area the hotel is located on the island.

Apart from the beach holiday, there are a few sights on Mauritius which are well worth a visit during your stay:

  • Port Louis: This is the capital city and also the oldest city on the island. The city consists of a mixture of British, French and modern architecture combined with lively street markets selling creole arts and crafts.
  • Route Royale: Port Louis is connected to the inner parts of the island through the old Route Royale. This scenic route combines some of the most beautiful towns and cities of the island, giving the visitor a good insight on the daily lives of the Mauritian people. Especially the towns of Beau Bassin, Rose Hill, Quatre Borne und Curepipe are worth a visit.
  • Grand Baie: The big bay in the northwestern part of Mauritius is the main holiday destination on Mauritius.  Through-out the year one can expect sunny and warm weather and the calm sea in the bay is most invinting fro all beach and sea lovers. Here you will also find a vast variety of hotels, beach resorts, small restaurants and night clubs for your entertainment.
  • Le Morne: The Le Morne Brabant is a rocky cliff, which rises from the beach to a remarkable hight of more than 550m and has become the natural landmark of Mauritius. The cliffs forms a peninsula which boasts some of the best beaches of the island and idela bathing conditions. Active travelers can also join mountain tours onto Le Morne, if the weather permits it.
  • Pamplemousses: The Royal Gardens of Pamplemousse are surely the most well-known attraction on Mauritius. These botanical gardens have already been established in 1735. Along various paths and walkways you can explore a vast variety of flowers, trees and tropical plants.


When to go

Mauritius can be visited through-out the year, even though there are some difference in climate, depending on which part of the island is visited.

  • December to March: This is the warmest part of the year on Mauritius. On the eastern part of the island rainy conditions and tropical storms can be expected, while the western part of the island is mostly sheltered by the mountain ranges in the centre of the island. The western part is therefore usually sunny and tropically warm also during this time of the year.
  • May to October: These are the winter months on Mauritius, which only means that the central parts of the island, which are higher in altitude cool down at night to about 13°C. The coastal regions hardly ever have temperature that drop below 20°C and therefore are still very enjoyable for a beach holiday.



To enter Mauritius as passport, which is at least six months valid is required. Namibians do not need a visa for entry into Mauritius for a stay of up to 30 days. Upon arrival an entry form needs to be completed. This form is usually handed out on the plane on the way to Mauritius.



No inocculations or other health precautions are required when travelling to Mauritius. A Yellow-Fever vaccination is also not required unless you are traveling from a Yellow-Fever risk area.

Even though Mauritius is a tropical island, malaria prophylaxis is also not required, since the island is nearly 100% malaria free.

The biggest health hazard is a sunburn. Please ensure that you have sufficient sun protection along when traveling to Mauritius as sun lotions are usually a lot more expensive in Mauritius than in Namibia or South Africa.









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